VoidRack designs smart, compact, and light fly pack casing solutions for the music touring industry.

VoidRack was founded in 2018 by Telesonix founder Andrew Curtis. The VoidRack design philosophy is born of years touring the globe in highly demanding situations and provision of travel friendly wireless audio systems. One of the biggest challenges artists and engineers face on the road is cost of transporting delicate equipment from show to show. We found that there was a lack of suitable options to keep gear safe and underweight – so we set out to design our own solutions. 

By removing all unnecessary materials from the racks and utilizing Pelican Air / Storm cases, we have achieved a case that is lighter than other offerings, while maintaining roadworthiness. Hexagonal steel mesh is a core design component that allows for neatly organized cable installation, and ventilation of equipment when placed in extreme conditions. By inverting the case’s rack rails, our design is more compact allowing for additional protective foam in the interior. We are continuously developing new cases and useful accessories based on user feedback. Please check back often!