:: FAQ

:: Where can I find VoidRack on Social Media?

VoidRack can be found @VoidRack on Instagram and Twitter.

:: Where can I find the weight and dimensions of VoidRack products?

A Detailed Spec Sheet for every model can be found in pdf format on our product page.

We recommend 5/8" Long / 5/32" Drive / "10-32" Size/Thread Cap Screws for use with VoidRack.

:: Does VoidRack offer a Local Pickup option?

Yes, select the "Local Pickup ONLY" shipping option and we will reach out to you after placing your order to schedule a pick up time. Please note that the system requires a "shipping address" to place order - 3155 Verdugo Rd Los Angeles CA 90065 works just fine here.

Local Pickup: Monday-Friday by Appointment Only

3155 Verdugo Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90065

:: Does VoidRack build custom cases?

We always welcome suggestions for custom inserts / accessories. See our contact page to reach out.

:: What is VoidRack’s warranty policy?

Our Racks are warrantied for the first year after purchase to the original purchaser, with proof of purchase from VoidRack.com or from an authorized dealer. Fill out our Repair Request Form.

:: I have a customer service question or suggestion, how do I get in touch?

See our contact page.

:: How do I request replacement parts?

You can find a form for VoidRack specific replacement parts here. Any Pelican case part requests should be directed here.

:: Does VoidRack offer custom colors?

Not at this time.

:: How do I repair my VoidRack?

Please fill out our Repair Form.

:: Are VoidRack cases Lockable?

Yes, all current VoidRack models will accept TSA or smalll standard padlocks.

:: How can I become a VoidRack dealer?

Please fill out our Dealer Request Form.

:: I purchased my VoidRack used, is it still covered under warranty?

VoidRack warranty details apply only to products purchased direct from VoidRack.com or an authorized dealer, with proof of purchase.

:: Does VoidRack have an artist endorsement program?

Yes. Please contact us for consideration.